Removing Recording Time Limit on LX100

One of the rare things annoying me on my Panasonic LX100 is recording time limit. No matter how big SD you have, there is only 30 minutes you can record in one go. Yes, this is more than enough 99% of the time, but there are scenarios this disables, for example recording my occasional talk.

Well, reading through some DP Review forum threads I noticed discussion about service mode for the purpose of PAL/NTSC mode switcheroo and I wondered whether service mode offers anything else.

Well, to try it out, I followed instructions from the thread. First I kept Right, Display, and AE/AF Lock buttons while turning on the camera. Once camera has been turned on, I released all those buttons and swiched into Playback. Then I held Up and AE/AF Lock buttons while turning off the camera. If done correctly (and it took me a few tries), camera will flash yellow rectangle at you. Welcome to the service mode!

While in service mode, I suddenly got some limits increased:

FormatModeBefore32 GB64 GB
MP44K 100M 30p15m 00s41m 52s ⬆1h 24m ⬆
MP44K 100M 24p15m 00s41m 52s ⬆1h 24m ⬆
MP4FHD 28M 60p20m 20s20m 20s20m 20s
MP4FHD 20M 30p27m 09s27m 09s27m 09s
MP4HD 10M 30p29m 59s29m 29s29m 29s
MP4VGA 4M 30p29m 59s29m 29s29m 29s
AVCHDFHD 28M 60p29m 59s2h 30m ⬆5h 02m ⬆
AVCHDFHD 17M 60i29m 59s4h 08m ⬆8h 17m ⬆
AVCHDFHD 24M 30p29m 59s2h 55m ⬆5h 52m ⬆
AVCHDFHD 24M 24p29m 59s2h 55m ⬆5h 52m ⬆

As you can see, camera can now record MP4 in 4K limited only by card size and all AVCHD modes got a bump in recording length. Strangely, the same improvement is not visible in other MP4 modes as they all either retained their 30 minute or lower limits.

In case you find exclamation mark annoying, you can always exit service mode by setting both shutter speed and aperture to A. Then press Menu and Right key together and turn off the camera. That will present you with a strange menu where pressing Right, Right will end the service mode. Unfortunately that comes at the cost of your settings as that’ll do factory reset.

Me? I’m gonna keep my service mode on.

9 thoughts to “Removing Recording Time Limit on LX100”

  1. thanks for sharing! did the same on my lumix and now I have NTSC frame rates 30/60
    but the 4k video limit is still there :( any ideias?

  2. Hi thanks for the tips. I did it, but still the limitiations in 4k and FHD… what is your firmware?

  3. That doesnt work with mine… I’m in service mode, but the second part of your process doesnt change de anything.

  4. Thanks for the article but it doesnt work to quit the service mode for me. I go to the P Mode, do Menu+Right+AF/AE and turn off the camera. But it gets me to a menu where the only option i have is PP. When i do right, i only can do it once, it underline the word [Strict] and when i press enter i get the message Error 0a and it shut down the camera. When i turn it on, i am still in the service mode…

  5. SO i did this and it worked…. the only problem is that now when I connect the camera to my PC….it doesn’t read the camera. I can’t hake the videos or pics I took….any ideas why this would happen?

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