Bimil 2.70

BimilI’m sure what world needs is another password manager so here it is.

As with all password managers you can get it to store your user names, passwords, credit card information, and even two-factor authentication keys (for 2-step verification). With those keys there is a special treat, you can get 6-digit code directly out of the program.

On database level it is compatible with well known and renowned Password Safe and thus security should not be an issue. In a pinch you can even use one of many Password Safe variants to open a database.

Download installation
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Download zipped files
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Download Debian package
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Program requires .NET framework 4 (or higher) but chances are that you already have this installed.

Notable features:

  • Auto-type (on Windows only)
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Word-based password generator.
  • QR code support.

PS: And yes, program does work under Linux (assuming you have mono-complete package installed).

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