Ham Check 1.20


Ham CheckThis program is just one of many programs helping prepare for the amateur radio exams. What differs it from the other similar programs is the support for keyboard-only operation, ability to zoom into the text, and showing the image next to text. While these might seem basic options, not many other exam applications support them.

The whole idea is to have a simple program allowing for quick learning and easy presenting the exam content to others. Just use the standard method of holding Ctrl key in combination with the wheel scroll (or Plus/Minus keys) and see the content adjust.

You can go over the questions using the flash exam to quickly learn correct answers, the practice exam to simulate what you will face, or just visit the random questions for a general practice. Of course, you can also go through questions in the order – really useful when presenting exam content to others.

Download installation
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Download zipped files
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Program requires .NET framework 2.0 (or higher).

Supported question pools:

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