Speeding up BITS

If you deal with Microsoft Software Center you know the annoyance it can cause with extremely low download speeds. BITS protocol it uses was designed to be gentle toward your connection and avoid taking up bandwidth from anything else you might also be running.

However, sometime it can get overly cautious and slow down to a ridiculously low level even if you are not doing anything else with your computer. And good luck pulling those patches down if it gets into that mood.

Fortunately, you can tweak registry to give it a bit of a boost. Just go into regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\BITS. There add a DWORD named UseSystemMaximum and set it's value to 1.

Alternatively you can get pre-prepared registry file import here (but do be very cautious when downloading registry meddling bits of the Internet).

You should see BITS drop their good guy mask and gobble all the bandwidth they can get. That will make your Software Center run much faster and maybe you get to install that darn patch within a year.

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