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As we approach yet another biyearly daylight savings time change, there came a news about politicians actually doing something smart for a change. European Parliament voted to keep the same UTC offset the whole year round. If this decision is followed through, gone are the days of hunt for every clock to update it an hour back or forward before the next change comes.

And yes, of course it is not as simple as turning the daylight change off. First it needs to get to the European Commission that traditionally likes to avoid implementing anything. Then all member states need to agree when to do it. Then decision needs to be postponed multiple times. Then everybody will try to implement the decision at the very last moment. You know, the usual.

However, for the first time in forever there is some hope. I can already see myself talking to my grandchildren about the dark times when people all around the world changed their time by hour (or less - damn you Lord Howe Island), for reasons long forgotten, and at the time every country decided upon themselves.

Grandchildren will probably just say that grandpa is crazy and that this could have never been. And then they will go out to play in the UTC world...

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