Nov 202015

One annoyance I have with NAS4Free is how every custom report has a prefix – even when you fully customize it:

Custom script entries:
All local pools are healthy
• Nenya: not reachable
• Narya: not reachable

I find that “Custom script entries:” followed by dashes completely unnecessary and, if you read message on a small screen (e.g. Pebble watch), it just takes space from the more important information.

Culprit to this can be found in /etc/inc/ where the following line creates that header:

$statusreport->AddArticle(new StatusReportArticleCmd("Custom script entries","{$config['statusreport']['report_scriptname']}"));

Good old sed can help us with removing this:

# sed -i -e 's^Custom script entries^^g' /etc/inc/

If you have embedded installation, this will work only until restart. To make it “permanent”, just add it to SystemAdvancedCommand scripts.

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