Nov 112014

For a project I had to calculate parameters needed to make nice rectangular PCB inductor for a NFC antenna. Since my search didn’t bear desired results, I decided to make my own. Enjoy.


NFC coil example

Calculation is done per NXP’s AN1445.

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  1. Thanks alot even im doing project on design and simulation on printed antenna for nfc plz help me i beg u

  2. So, where is the calculate button?

  3. Thank You for your calculator!

  4. Thank you for this calculator. It’s the closest one that I’ve found for my needs. I am however going to be using a 38awg round wire for my application. :( Is there another calculator that you know of that will calculate the inductance of my antenna setup?

  5. How do you measure thickness in oz. Thickness is usually either in micrometer or millimeter, right?

  6. Hi!
    I am looking for circular NFC calculator.
    Help please..

  7. helo,
    i want loop antenna calculator for N turns….plz help me..

  8. helo,
    i need loop antenna calculator for N turns….plz help me..

  9. How to calculate Antenna resistance as per antanna inductunce?

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