How Annoying Can You Get?

Most of my electronics is geared toward micro-controllers. And there my undisputed champion is Microchip PIC. They are cheap, full of options and readily available. And development environment is not too bad.

When I say not too bad, I think of MPLAB 8 IDE. Kind of old fella but it gets job done. I did try a beta of their flagship MPLAB X but we never clicked. It didn't help that it would not load my projects either.

Since I was just starting new project it seemed like a good time to finally get newest and greatest IDE. So I went to their download page and I was greeted by total of 2:30 minutes of video with voice narrative.

I am not sure whether problem lies in me but stealing my speakers for something like download of a tool is ANNOYING. And, of course, some idiot decided to LOOP the video. Probably the same idiot who though that putting stop control was too much work. I though that kind of annoying behavior was reserved for porn sites but Microchip never ceases to amaze me.

Only image that gives me any peace is seeing manager whose idea this was in tenth circle of hell listening to these instructions over and over again. Well at least looping comes handy.

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