Quick, Hide It

Last half of year I live in a hotel. I do not have my workbench here nor do I have extensive electronics part collection but I do have some basic equipment. And I do use it.

Pictured here is last thing that I made – voltage and current monitor. It has one input, three outputs, display and two switches (that I forgot to order). On bottom there is an PIC, sense and LED resistors. Pretty simple SMD board (45×72 mm) as it goes.

What it does? Basically it just displays voltage, current or power on it’s display for selected input or output.

Once I assembled it, I left it turned on for a while, pressing button here and there. Ok, since buttons are missing, pressing is probably not the correct word for what I was doing, but you get the drift. There is nothing like long-term abuse to bring code bugs out.

As I was leaving for work, I took one last glance at device, stopped, powered it off and hid it in the drawer. Call me crazy but I haven’t dared to leave it on like that for cleaning lady to see.

Somehow I think that she would only see some clock-like device with some wires coming out and numbers that change. Even more innocent-looking things were misidentified.

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