Say No Word

I usually like guys from Microchip and their choice of micro-controllers is sole reason why I started playing with electronics. They just make everything simple and enjoyable - even when they mess things up. But we do live in idiotic times...

When you try to install their successor to venerable MPLAB first choice you have to make is to agree to most stupid condition. Let me quote: "Therefore I agree to use only the private MPLAB X IDE forum for all questions and support I need.". I understand that they do not want to put their newborn child through too much scrutiny but do they really expect anybody to take this seriously?

If you do perform install you will be greeted with another piece of insanity: "This Nonexclusive Software License Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you, your heirs, successors and assigns ("Licensee") and Microchip Technology Incorporated". Frankly this looks more like contract with devil than with software(hardware) company. Although I might be little bit wrong here - contract with devil usually does not apply to all one's heirs - for devil first born is usually enough.

Well, Microchip, can I send you my first born in order to ask a question publicly or I need to send both of them?

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