So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

It was easy to recognize me on my way to work - I was one reading from small black device. Not anymore.

Worst thing has came to pass - my BeBook mini is broken. From all symptoms I can deduce that inner glass layer has shattered and that there is no revival here. It was in cover, I did handle it gently (ok, at least I handled it with more care than other devices I own) and I did adore it.

What now? Currently I use my mobile phone (HTC Desire) for reading books but that will not last. Once you start using e-Ink, there is no going back to inferior technologies (as far as book reading is concerned). There is no other choice than buying another book reader. Problem is which one.

Since my kids do like to eat occasionally, my choice is limited to devices under $200. And really there are only two devices I consider worth buying in that range. Amazon Kindle and (yet another) BeBook mini. BeBook is devil I know and it did serve me well. I prefer it mostly for it's small size and huge capacity (with additional SD card). Kindle is big, bulky and has huge keyboard that just gets into way but it also has huge choice of books and you can use it without any computer near.

I will not make decision this week, probably not even next one, but I am quite sure that next spare money goes to this purpose.

In memoriam BeBook mini (Nov 2009 - Jun 2010).

2 thoughts to “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”

  1. Josip… I had a similar shattering experience! I owned an Infibeam Pi which I broke by tucking into my waist. Those guys actually replaced it!

    Then I went right ahead and lost it.

    I bought another one from them 2 months later.

    I am reading e-books on it now and though it’s a bit dog-eared, it works and I haven’t lost it yet.

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