Cheap Cybersecurity Books

Those into cybersecurity, rejoice.

Humble has a new book bundle and, unlike their lately book offerings, this one is actually good and extremely cheap considering the books included. Frankly, it would be a good deal if only Applied Cryptography was included.

Yes, lowest tier is useless and middle tier essentially lives on Cryptography Engineering with Mitnik's The Art of Deception adding a bit of flair.

But the most expensive $15 tier more than makes it up with Applied Cryptography, aged book that still somehow manages to stay current in the approach to security if not in all examples. And there is Secret and Lies proving that Schneier is getting all philosophical as he ages.

Based on my picks you can already see that they might have called this Schneier's bundle and I would be equally interested. The only two books I wish were here are Applied Cryptography and The Twofish Encryption Algorithm (yes, I know how old it is).

If you have any interest in security do think about this bundle. Probably the cheapest (legal) way to get some real classic and a good read.

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