CR2032 With Wire

Booting my NUC I noted the following message:

The following are warnings that were detected during this boot.
These can be viewed in setup on the Event Log Page.

Oldsters keeping their machine longer than a few years are probably already yelling CR2032. And guess what - I had those ready to go. After opening NUC (darn IR window is really annoying to get out) I got into trouble as battery wasn't in the holder. Nope, it was on the wire.

While you can hack the solution by simply soldering wires to the battery, I would recommend thinking twice about it. I have done it multiple times and it is not only annoying to solder onto whatever alloy battery is made of (no, it is not pure aluminium) but heating the lithum batteries significantly decreases their life.

As I didn't know the type of connector of the top of my head I went over to Intel's support pages and of course they had an article ready. It went even so far to actually specify connector as Molex 51020-0200. I couldn't actually find such Molex connector but I've found 51021-0200 looking exactly the same. I guess not even Intel is immune to typos.

Armed with knowledge of connector, I went on Amazon hunt and found a few of them. Of course, I went with cheapest which at $5 is not really cheap at all. I guess you pay premium for that sweet cable.

Moments before plugging it in I noticed something disturbing. Black and red wires were swapped on my replacement battery as compared to the one I pulled out. I am not sure which one is more standard but Intel and Dell like to play on opposite side of spectrum. Plugging Dell battery into NUC would almost surely damage it as CMOS battery circuits are rarely protected against reverse polarity. It was a time for surgery.

Using small blade (scalpel actually) I gently lifted plastic holding each terminal in the housing and pulled them out. Done gently enough this enables reinsertion of the terminals into the housing with the black wire at position #1 - the same as used in NUC.

This whole battery swap took way longer than it should have but at least my BIOS complains no more. :)

PS: Since computer was plugged in at all times, I find it really strange to have battery fail on me after only three years. I have way older machines with their original battery still working...

6 thoughts to “CR2032 With Wire”

  1. Had all the same problems – the short lived battery, ordering replacement with swapped wires, wasting a whole day fixing it. I appreciate the hint about pulling out the wires and swapping, otherwise i would have wasted more time/money on another battery.

  2. Yep. battery lasted two years and five months before the date/time started to fail.

    I am just in the process of installing a new battery and noticed that the wires are reversed. Which is why I landed here. This I find confusing. Is there not some standard?

    Anyway, I guess there will now be a flood of customers with the same problem.

  3. Why oh why do they switch the wiring?? Is it to bug people intentionally? Spend over a day figuring out what’s wrong, until I stumbled on your site. You’re a life safer, thank you!!!

  4. I have the same problem with MSI MS-7457 v.2.2 board. Fortunately I have recognized it before plug the new battery. My solution – cut the wires and connect they reversible.

    1. Based on picture posted, I believe cable wiring is wrong :(
      Just arm yourself with thin blade and some patience and you should be ok. :)

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