Bimil 1.10

BimilAlthough I kept Bimil, my password manager, without a version for more than five years, version 1.10 comes right on heels of the 1.00.

Most noticeable change is adding the Start window. While not offering anything that isn't possible in rest of the program, it does help speed-up opening of recently used files. Opening files in read-only mode also becomes possible and I'm sure this will be handy feature to many.

Fields have been refactored a bit; two-factor authentication and CVV buttons are hidden by default and former has gotten an option to show code instead of just copy.

Alongside a few minor fixes, feedback form has been moved to https. It just felt wrong to have password manager send messages via unencrypted channels. :)

As always, upgrade is available directly from program or these pages while source can be found on GitHub.

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