QText 4.10

QText 4.00On the last day of 2015, a new version of QText saw the light of day. It is just a minor version bump but with a few interesting twists.

First of all is the final solution for the bug annoying all Asian users for years - QText simply could not properly handle that character set thanks to restrictions of the underlying RichText control. While issue is still there, a simple workaround made it irrelevant for character entry.

Windows 10 functionality was improved by adding basic support for tablet mode and long awaited spell-checker. Spell-checker uses system service so it is not available on anything lower than Windows 8 but hopefully most users are either on Windows 10 or on the way toward them.

Couple other changes can all be bundled into a general improvement category so I'm not going to go over each one. If you are curious, source is always available.

Either upgrade from the application or get the new version here.

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