Curious USA

I am a fairly new to States, just counting my third year as a resident. I have only ever lived in the Virginia and the Washington state and traveled through another fifteen or so. My experience is not only incomplete but heavily skewed toward north. Even worse, it is limited only to small towns with big IT companies around.

Historically I come from quite a small town within even a smaller country (Osijek, Croatia). I have traveled decent amount but almost always within Europe. In other words I have really limited experience of other countries and their customs.

Maybe it is all those factors together or maybe it is my confused person, but I found living in the USA full of interesting peculiarities and customs. Since most of my wonder happened at the very beginning of my life in USA I caught myself forgetting some details and even outright understanding a thing or two.

Since I will be on blog hiatus for a next few weeks as far as technical content goes, I might as well write some overly generalized easy going opinions. I plan to keep it light and hopefully readable.

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