Hyper-V This

I adore Hyper-V as a product but I do not use it on my desktop. I tried to use server OS mostly because of Hyper-V but it was just too painful. Then I tried to use Virtual PC but new version got stripped of it's support for anything that is not Microsoft OS. At the end I use VirtualBox for most of my personal needs and I use Hyper-V Server whenever I have a need for more permanent and robust solution. Well, this is about to change. It looks like Windows 8 is going to have Hyper-V built right in.

Compared with Windows Server line it got one feature that was annoyingly missing - support for WiFi adapters. Finally there is possibility to connect your laptop's wireless card to virtual machine and to have traffic go through it. That feature was missing for a long time because of some issues with how wireless adapters work and it is good to see that it will be available (hopefully Microsoft will not back out of this) with all naughty stuff sorted in background.

Another Hyper-V "feature" that annoyed me is inability of hibernating machine with Hyper-V installed. There is no mention of any changes here, but I do hope that this issue is also sorted out. I simply cannot imagine desktop/laptop virtualization without this.

All in all seems like Microsoft is putting all it's virtual eggs in one virtual basket and that there will be finally consolidated virtualization architecture on both server and desktop products. Virtual PC 2007 SP1 be gone, you were inadequate solution anyhow.

Original announcement is available as part of Microsoft's Building Windows 8 blog.

Long live Ctrl+Alt+Left.

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