MagiWOL 3.00

MagiWOL has moved to version 3.00.

Compared to version 2.21, changes are:

  • No registry writes will be performed if application is not installed.
  • Double-click now wakes computer instead of editing entry.
  • Broadcast address now can be host name (useful for waking over Internet).
  • Works with Citrix virtualization.
  • Brand new icon.
  • A lot of bug fixing.

Special thanks to all those among you who supported me with bug fixing and installed many wrong versions to make one right. :)

Download is available now.

3 thoughts to “MagiWOL 3.00”

  1. Hallo!
    I think this is a nice application, but I’m missing a button to search for the current computers (IP & Macs)


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