Gingerbread Desire

HTC Desire got it's Gingerbread update!

In order to keep shitty attitude they have made it as difficult and frightening to install as they could possibly do. First of all, there is no version for Germany (Telekom Deutschland), North America, South Korea and Japan. Most of my readers will probably notice this "North America" part.

Another thing to notice is zip file with another zip file and then an installation inside. It reminds me of Babushka doll. All that is rounded with layer of warnings that would make Charles Manson seek his mommy. And for a good reason - all your data will be gone once upgrade starts.

In order to even think about phone upgrade, you need to get HTC Sync from HTC support. This is probably most bloated piece of shit software from HTC but unavoidable. Just to be sure this won't mess with my development setup on this machine I made fresh install on my wife's laptop.

Whole update takes approximately 5 minutes and it goes without any problem (if you discount wiping data as a problem). It leaves you with software version 3.14.405.1 (Android 2.3.3) and no hope of getting next update. :)

P.S. If you are wondering, my internal storage has 124 MB free.

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