VHD Attach 2.00 (Beta)

VHD Attach was created to scratch my itch when it comes to working with virtual disks. As things go, that also meant that some corners were cut. As application went freeware, much of those corners were fixed. One that remained was DISKPART.

You see, attaching was done via API, but detaching of drive was done from command line via DISKPART and then results were parsed. This particular operation was very prone to error when it comes to localized versions of Windows. I will not even get into performance issues with it - let's just say that DISKPART is not quickest program to initialize.

This version of VHD Attach finally replaces DISKPART with direct usage of Virtual Disk Service and thus it should handle LIP more gracefully (although program remains English-only).

Without further ado, download is available here.

4 thoughts to “VHD Attach 2.00 (Beta)”

  1. Thank you Josip, works great in a VM (fusion), and as a native w7x86 OS on a mac. Any way to automatically mount it on boot?

    Had to change the drive letter of the DVD drive so that the VHD would always attach as “D” drive, we need a D drive for certain custom software, but making 2 bootcamp partitions was causing us grief.

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