For long time this blog dwelled in sub 50 visitors range. I was basically writing for my friends and occasional bystander. Comments were few and far between. As time went by and Google did it's magic, I got more visitors and, unfortunately, more comments. Why I say unfortunately? Because most of comments are pure spam.

I like seeing comment. I like it even more when I get e-mail with some insight. However, these comments just contain text that is designed to massage my ego (e.g. "Aw, this was a really quality post") and link at bottom is designed to grab occasional nervous clicker. Do not misunderstand me, I like my ego massaged, I despise link that follows.

Blogger platform helps me here with "great" spam filtering capabilities. I wrote great in quotes for a reason - this great platform hasn't caught single spam comment. And thus all comment handling stays my chore.

I have no idea how to efficiently handle this. Going through all comments and deleting spam seems like only way to do it. However, do not hold it against me if I miss one or two.

Just don't click them.

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    1. I was already thinking about moving, but I am too lazy to setup everything and do link redirecting properly. It will probably be one of my New Year resolutions. :)

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