Roasting in Amazon’s Kitchen (Kindle Edition)

Since my BeBook left this world, I mostly use Kindle for Android in order to read books.

I do love cooking books (yes, I am weird that way) so I decided to buy Roasting in Hell's Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. Whole process was painless until I got famous "This title is not available for customers from your location in Europe". Quick search has shown that I am considered worthy enough to buy paper edition.

I will not even go rambling about Kindle recommendation system that recommended this book to me even I cannot buy it. I will not even ramble about extra $2 on almost any book just because I am not from triple-letter country. I will however say what I will do: I will download this fucking book - I may not read it - but I will download it.

This does hurt a little. Everybody that knowns me is probably aware that I am licence freak. I do have all my software either paid for or freeware. Sometimes I even donate to authors of particularly good freeware service. As far e-books are concerned I probably bought more of them than I have paper-ones.

If somebody does not wan't my money, I will not force it upon them. I am sure that some other book will be worthy purchase.

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