Windows 7 Pricing

Today Microsoft announced pricing for Windows 7. Since prices in Croatia (where I live) usually are not same prices like those in USA (our prices are somehow higher), that information is relevant only when compared with Windows Vista price. And price went down. Yes, Windows 7 will be slightly cheaper then same Windows Vista edition. I find this a good news.

Also for those who are willing to pre-order, there is limited offer which will get you Windows 7 in half the price. First wave of this offer is limited to USA and Canada. European pre-orders will start after July, 15th. Since Croatia is part of European market when it comes to cripled Windows 7 E, I do hope that we will be part of this offer also.

[2009-07-26: Because of compliance, it seems that upgrade will not be available in "E" version. However, upgrade pricing will still be available.]

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