Tom's Hardware got its hands on Windows 7 build 7025. As you can see, Windows 7 seems to be on Vista path regarding six different versions (don't forget enterprise).

I find this situation quite annoying. Not only that it creates confusion which version has what but it also creates problems when I want to upgrade (Croatian customers are not worthy to upgrade over Internet).

What is wrong with three versions only: Home, Business and Ultimate.

Home would be same like Home Premium (most of computers come with this anyhow). Business would be the same as now. Ultimate would have it all.

All visual features of Windows 7 (new taskbar, gadgets and other stuff) should be available in all versions and customers would not wonder why Windows 7 doesn't look anything similar to what they saw on other computer (e.g. Vista Basic problem).

I would find this system much easier to live with.

[Unfortunately, Microsoft went with it's six pack scheme. It is Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate]

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