Fountain pen paper


Here are some of my favorite papers I use with fountain pens.

Rhodia N°16 Staplebound Pad (A5)
Nice paper and practical format. While it exists in many rulings, I prefer the 7mm lined one with a nice red margin. It is my choice for all business meetings and, when combined with Maruman A5 PU holder (HN188UA-05), it looks rather professional. As every page is perforated, I find it works great with data I need for limited duration only.
Apica CD-10 (A6)
Probably the cheapest option for something that is fountain pen friendly. While it does come in bigger sizes, I’ve found this one nicely pocketable.
Maruman Mnemosyne N195 (A5)
I find this notebook the most practical for note taking and segmenting thoughts due to slightly thicker lines separating pages in thirds and a nice header. It not only allows you to tear wire bound page like a savage but to also tear it nicely as every page is perforated. Only downside I’ve found is that its wire bound style doesn’t suit me. There is a style that could replace Rhodia completely but its availability is limited. If I could have this ruling with Rhodia format, I would be one happy man.