Fountain pen tools

Here are some of tools I find helpful when dealing with fountain pens.

Blunt tip syringe
When dealing with ink - especially ink samples - you really need something that can reach into all nooks and crannies. I use these to get the last drop from any bottle, directly fill fountain pen (or even used cartridges), and to clean converters. Needle tip is just the right size to get into TWSBI's bottle.
Nalgene 30 mL bottle
These small (1 oz) and cheap bottles are ideal for ink storage. They don't leak, have mouth wide enough to directly fill fountain pen, and frosty color does offer some protection against sun. Works good not only for travel but for general storage too.
Bulb syringe
This otherwise useless medical device is extremely handy for cleaning fountain pen. Just cut the tip to be wide enough to fit around barrel and you have high pressure cleaner. Awesome!