Repurposing Airplane Mode

Having QMK based keyboard on Framework 16 gives quite a lot of flexibility to change keyboard mapping to whatever suits you. The only problem is that the default layout is as good as it gets considering the key count. So, what can we even improve? Well, how about using Airplane Mode key for something useful? Well, that actually isn't as straightforward as it could be.

Due to how ISO keyboard definitions are made, airplane mode key gets processed before it hits keymap.c. So, we can go a bit deeper in quantum definitions and edit keymap_common.c. Default definition is:

    action.code = ACTION_USAGE_RADIO;

To make it do something else (for example, start file manager), we just give it the correct code. In given example that would be KC_MY_COMPUTER:


Compile and flash, and you can enjoy additional macro key instead of accidentally killing your network.

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