DaVinci Resolve 18 on Ubuntu 23.10 with Intel GPU

While I successfully installed DaVinci Resolve 18 on my Ubuntu 23.10 machine, I simply couldn't make it start. Quick excursion to the command line, showed the following error:

$ /opt/resolve/bin/resolve
/opt/resolve/bin/resolve: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpango-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_string_free_and_steal

Yep, something was wrong with libraries. Fortunately, after checking quite a few wrong advices on Internet (I know, who would have thought), I solved it by a simple file copy:

sudo cp /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglib-2.0.so.0 /opt/resolve/libs/

While this did solve the non-starting issue, I now got Unsupported GPU processing mode error. After searching a bit around the net, consensus seemed to be that you have to have external GPU for Resolve to work under Linux. But that didn't seem right. Why would DaVinci Resolve require external GPU under Linux while being happy with internal GPU under Windows?

This seemed unreasonable so I tried installing OpenCL for my Intel GPU.

sudo apt install intel-opencl-icd 

And with this simple change, I got to run Resolve to start. But I still couldn't edit.

So I tried installing Intel's own Open CL drivers:

mkdir neo
cd neo
wget https://github.com/intel/intel-graphics-compiler/releases/download/igc-1.0.14828.8/intel-igc-core_1.0.14828.8_amd64.deb
wget https://github.com/intel/intel-graphics-compiler/releases/download/igc-1.0.14828.8/intel-igc-opencl_1.0.14828.8_amd64.deb
wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/23.30.26918.9/intel-level-zero-gpu-dbgsym_1.3.26918.9_amd64.ddeb
wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/23.30.26918.9/intel-level-zero-gpu_1.3.26918.9_amd64.deb
wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/23.30.26918.9/intel-opencl-icd-dbgsym_23.30.26918.9_amd64.ddeb
wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/23.30.26918.9/intel-opencl-icd_23.30.26918.9_amd64.deb
wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/23.30.26918.9/libigdgmm12_22.3.0_amd64.deb
sudo apt install ./*.deb

Nope - start but doesn't allow any editing.

After tryign a few more things, I decided to give up. :( I guess you really cannot run DaVinci Resolve on Intel Xe.

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