Desire for a Story Arc

Being on vacation in not always healthy. Take me for example, I decided to binge watch both seasons of Star Trek Picard.

I didn't come into this from nothing. I did watch a few episodes from the first season before giving up. I was not really sure why but I simply stopped at one point. But idle hands and all that made me finally watch it all. And yes, I still find that Star Trek Picard is a bad series and a sad chapter for Jean Luc Picard.

There are many things wrong with it. And I don't think a desire to get as many old familiar faces into the show, whether it fits a previously established narative or not (e.g. Guinan and Dr. Soong being the leading example) is the main fault. It definitely doesn't help but I think I could live with it.

I belive the main driver for my dislake of the show is mostly connected to show's desire to have a story arc spanning a season. This makes writers focus on highly unrealistic scenarios just to keep excitement up. And yes, I do understand irony that complaining about unrealistic things in SciFi show might raise. God knows my favorite TNG had many those moments. But they were easier to swallow as they were fleeting and not pushed into viewer's face.

Here things went from bad to worse in the season two. While one could half-heartedly claim that future is just how it is, decision to have a second season in the year 2024 only served to expose problem more. It's just freaking two years into the future and you cannot just introduce "database of their entire life history" as a convinient plot point or have borg queen eat lead-acid battery to get Lithum (to name just two of many nonsenses).

I know, it might just be my age catching up to me and I simply don't understand why Picard is much better than anything else in the Star Trek universe. Be it as it may, I will continue my vacation with TNG decontamination. Good knows I need my Captain.

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