Over the years I occasionally used this blog to introduce the food I like. It got bad enough that it even got its own category. Discussing some of those recipes with my wife made me realize how many other recipes are not written down but just in our heads. Even worse, we saw how many recipes have gone away when our respective mothers died. Food we can only try to recreate from memory.

And no, these are not necessarily Croatian recipes in their purest form. While both my wife and I are Croats, our families have a really mixed culinary identity. Moving to USA only made things more diverse as we couldn't easily find Croatian ingredients or they came at exorbitant prices. Even worse (for purity), we found some new ingredients we really like and those pushed out some that are more authentic.

Different ways wife and I cook, approach the ingredients, and generally think about food also made our family cooking something unique. While there might be a better recipe for each food item we prepare, our variant is not half bad and it's definitely easier to cook within the limited confines of one's own home. If nothing else, it's food our kids adore and maybe having a recipe at some point in the future will allow them to make their childhood food and recreate those flavors.

If Croatian, or more precisely Croatian/American, food is something that piques your curiosity, do check out and maybe make a meal or two.

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