Better Pseudorandom Numbers

Browsing Internet out of boredom usually brings a lot of nonsense. However, it occasionally also brings a gem. This time I accidentally stumbled upon a family of random algorithm called xoshiro/xoroshiro.

Pseudo-random generators fell out of favor lately as it proper cryptographically-secure algorithms became ubiquitous on modern computers (and often supported by processors RNG). For cases where pseudo-random generators are better fit, most programming languages already include Mersenne twister allowing generation of reasonable randomness.

But that doesn't mean research into a better (pseudo)randomness has stopped. From that research comes whitepaper named Scrambled linear pseudorandom number generators. Paper alone goes over the algorithms in detail but authors were also kind enough to provide PRNG shootout page giving a practical advise.

After spending quite a few hours with these, I decided that only thing missing is a C# variant of the same. So I created it.

Links to source and NuGet package are here.

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