.NET Core 3.0

.NET Conf 2019 had one significant news this year - .NET Core 3.0.

The biggest feature for me is self-contained executable. It's not ideal as actual package is unpacked upon the first execution but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Other feature I am excited about is HTTP/2 combined with TLS 1.3. Not only performant but also secure. Frankly, this almost makes me yearn for making my own CMS again. Almost. :)

Finally there is a support for serial port under Linux. Considering how basic serial port support is for any OS, it's hard to believe it took until 3.0 to finally do it. Speaking of hardware support, there is also a Raspberry Pi GPIO support in a separate repository.

Conference also brought C# 8.0 to light of day. I will probably write more about it later but suffice it to say there are many small but exciting features. I can already see nullable reference types being either really accepted or universally hated. I am more in the former camp but time will tell. :)

You can watch keynote yourself with many more videos to follow.

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