Dual Boot Clock Shenanigans

Probably the most annoying thing when dual booting Windows and Linux is the clock. For the various reasons, Windows keeps BIOS clock in local time-zone while Linux prefers it as UTC. While this is not a problem in Reykjavík, it surely is everywhere else.

There are ways to make Windows run in UTC but they either don't work with the latest Windows 10 or they require time synchronization to be turned off. As I value precise time, a solution on Linux side was needed.

Fortunately, Linux does offer setting for just this case. Just run the following command:

sudo timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock

This will tell Linux to keep local clock in RTC. While this is not necessarily fully supported, I found it's actually the only setting that reliably works when dual booting Windows 10.

PS: You might need a reboot or two before this takes effect.

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