Installing Git on Embedded XigmaNAS

Having Git on NAS server comes in handy and I was quite annoyed when my workaround that worked on NAS4Free 11.1 stopped working with the advent of XigmaNAS 11.2. Well, I guess it was time to make some adjustments.

I won't get into how the whole process works as I already explained it previously. Suffice to say it stopped working on 11.2 due to even tighter disk space restrictions it brought. While originally I just didn't have space to install software, this time there wasn't enough space to even get needed packages.

So I adjusted my unionfs creation process to include two extra directories (/var/db/pkg/ and /var/cache/pkg/):

rm -rf /mnt/.unionfs/* |& sed '/^$/d' |& sed -e 's/^/  /'
for LOCATION in "usr/local" "var/db/pkg" "var/cache/pkg"
if mount -t unionfs | grep "/mnt/.unionfs/$LOCATION" >/dev/null
echo -en "${ESCAPE_OUTPUT}"
mount -t unionfs |& grep "/mnt/.unionfs/$LOCATION" | sed -e 's/^/ /'
echo -en "${ESCAPE_RESET}"
echo -en "${ESCAPE_ISSUE}"
mkdir -p "/mnt/.unionfs/$LOCATION/" |& sed '/^$/d' |& sed -e 's/^/ /'
mkdir -p "/$LOCATION/"
mount_unionfs "/mnt/.unionfs/$LOCATION/" "/$LOCATION/" |& sed '/^$/d' |& sed -e 's/^/ /'
echo -en "${ESCAPE_RESET}"

echo -en "${ESCAPE_OUTPUT}"
mount -t unionfs |& grep "/mnt/.unionfs/$LOCATION" | sed -e 's/^/ /'
echo -en "${ESCAPE_RESET}"

Adjusting initialization script with this allowed me to install Git once again.

One thought to “Installing Git on Embedded XigmaNAS”

  1. Very nice….should upstream to XigmaNAS developers to be included as default installation. Git and SVN are useful for engineers using XigmaNAS

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