Bimil 2.30

This version is all about enabling you to quickly see which passwords suck. For this purpose a centralized weak password search has been implemented. Yes, you could see which password is weak even before but it required opening every single account - and that can take a while. This way you get the same information but after a single click.

Additionally, there is an option to check all accounts for breaches at Have I been pwned? site. While password for these accounts might not be compromised themselves, risk is quite increased and changing them is not necessarily the worst idea - let's not even think about the sites using trivial hashes (like MD5) or no hashing at all. Search is smart enough to verify when exactly you changed your password last time to avoid false positives.

Moreover, if you go into Options, you can enable more thorough search. If selected, you can verify all your passwords (hashed and sent over TLS 1.2) against all exposed passwords. This is not enabled by default (even hidden a bit) because it requires quite a big leap of faith toward Troy and his website. I personally do trust him, but your mileage might vary.

As always, new version is available from Bimil's page or you can update it through application.

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