Microsoft Accounts on NAS4Free Samba

NAS4Free Samba SettingsWith Windows 10 you can get a certain advantages if you opt to use your Microsoft login. However, if you have something Unixoid (e.g. NAS4Free) for your file server you will quickly notice you need to remind it of your user name. And no, solution is not as simple as renaming your user to your e-mail address since at character (@) cannot be used.

What needs to be done instead is to create a simple mapping file (I named mine

anita =
anita = anita
josip =
josip = josip

In that file you map user name received over network to the Unix user. Notice that multiple different names can be mapped to the same user.

Last step is getting Samba to actually use that file. How is that configured really varies with your system. For NAS4Free, you want to visit Services -> CIFS/SMB -> Settings and into Auxiliary parameters add path to the given mapping:

username map = /mnt/Config/

Now you can use your Windows 10 user e-mail to your heart's desire.

[2018-07-22: NAS4Free has been renamed to XigmaNAS as of July 2018]

2 thoughts to “Microsoft Accounts on NAS4Free Samba”

  1. I thought no one would ever use the MS account for local windows login for privacy reasons.

    1. Not sure I would agree nor I see how is this different than using Google’s account for mobile phone. And everybody seems to be just fine with that…

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