Windows 10

Windows 10 backgroundWindows 10 is finally here.

And it is not a bang but a whimper for all those crazy enough to be in Windows Insider program. And frankly that is how it should be. Those yearning for excitement had their share in the last few months. Careful ones have always option of sticking with Windows 7/8/8.1 or upgrading to now officially RTM'd release.

For me personally this day brings absolutely nothing as every computer I have in my home has been running Windows 10 for a while now. July 29th is just another day.

Is Windows 10 perfect? Not really - even RTM version has a couple of issues bugging me still: Windows menu misbehaving if you don't have internet connection and defaults that include the whole damn web in search. But it is a good OS in general and I see no major benefit in holding Windows 7 on same pedestal Windows XP once held. Yes, both were great OS of their days but lingering in past serves no purpose.

Free upgrade is a nice carrot Microsoft has placed in front of everybody and I suggest you take a bite. It is not clear how exactly mechanics are going to look and I can only hope clean install upgrade will be a possibility. If insider updates are anything to judge by, you will need at least 10 GB for it and that might be hard to find on old devices.

For insiders there are some rumors program will go on. And I will take that offer regardless of actually having enough Windows licenses for all my devices. Microsoft had system working perfectly and issues were both minor and rare. I really see no reason not be be on the Fast ring.

In any case, congrats to Windows 910. May you live to see a lot of updates.

PS: If you are wondering whether your system is eligible for free update, here is the handy guide.

PPS: There is Microsoft Media Creation Tool for those in need of a clean ISO.

PPPS: If you want to install from USB, check this handy guide.

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