QText 4.00

QText 4.00For its 4.00 version QText has received major refactoring with almost 100 changes separating it from the previous release.

Visually it is easy to see where some time went as there is new application icon together with new high-resolution toolbar icons. Yes, QText had high-DPI support for some time now but that always meant dealing with blurry toolbar buttons. With new graphics you should be greeted with crisp graphics no matter which resolution you're using. It was a long overdue improvement.

Due to its internal structure, detecting external changes in files was not always straightforward as it should have been. Due to this experience with DropBox or similar file syncing software was not ideal. Long hours have been put into this version to recognize many external changes. Whether it is simple file edit in another editor or folder rename, QText will have you covered.

Lastly there was a push to cleanup some of the old and annoying bugs. All these changes should make QText more comfortable to use.

As always, you can download new version directly or use built-in upgrade menu.

PS: Order of your tabs will be reset to alphabetic with this version. This is a one-time change. QText will continue remembering tab order once you (re)order them again.

One thought to “QText 4.00”

  1. Unsurprisingly, it seems to be working. ;-)

    Only the new icon isn’t really clear in it’s smallest incarnation. Had to change view in Explorer to bigger icon size to see what it actually looks like. Maybe those with sharper eyesight have no problems.

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