Unsung Hero

Uni-ball Signo 207I often write and speak about gadgets I get for myself and how I use them. However, there is one gadget I never wrote about and I use it pretty much every day ever since I got my first one in the late 1997. Those knowing me personally are aware how rare I remember year when something happened so this is something special to me. It is my pen.

There are many like it, but this one is mine. :)

As with many drugs, the first one I received as a gift. It was an Uni-ball Signo DX with a 0.38 tip. Compared to roller pens I used before this one was just sliding without any conscious effort and lines were as thin as a spider web. I watched with dread ink level getting lower and lower. Fortunately I was able to secure the new source before it came to worst. And, in times before Internet, this was a feat.

Then miracle happened and store in my town got quite respectable assortment of Mitsubishi pens. Over the years I tried many of them finally settling on Signo 207 RT (0.5 mm tip) a few years ago. It is quite a similar pen to DX with an advantage of being retractable so I couldn't lose cap anymore. And switch to a slightly larger tip brought another level of sliding bliss.

I am sure there are pens other find better and have I tried many of them. However, this one works for me and that is all that matters.

Maybe I am an old-fashioned guy but writing and sketching really helps me to think and solve problems. Having a comfortable pen in hand makes a ton of difference.

PS: Those interested in Uni-ball pens can check their godawful web pages. I only wish their pages would be as good as their pens.

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