Minecraft Teleport in Survival Mode (Without Plugins)

Minecraft command blockAs my kids got old enough to play Minecraft we decided that our home server had it light for far too long and that it is time we create a Minecraft world on it. Of course I decided to add myself as an operator with special powers and I was crazy enough to inform kids I can even help them move around via teleport.

It didn't took long before I was completely swamped with teleport request. Get me to sister, get me to my home, get me to my mine, get me to an island... Having to enter coordinates every time gets boring quickly. So I decided to figure way to make it simpler. Answer was in command blocks. Just add a pressure plate and you can make them do whatever you want. Including teleport.

First order of business was to modify server.properties and set


After that I gave myself a block using

/give @p command_block

Next I tried to get block console so I can enter command and I failed. All YouTube videos seemed to get it so easy but for me there was no console. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work. Console would simply not appear. It took me few re-reads to notice that command block setup is restricted to creative mode - if you are in survivor as I was, nothing could be done. Or could it?


/gamemode c

I could switch to creative mode and set command block text to

/tp @p -16 72 186

After placing pressure plate right next to a block, I switched back to survivor

/gamemode s

and my teleport was working just fine.

PS: To get coordinates just press F3 and look at block. Its coordinates will be shown under "Looking at" (last line). Add 1 to middle coordinate and that is your destination.

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