Windows Store App Doesn’t Start on Virtual Drive

Visual Studio - The app didn't startAs I went to update my Resistance Windows Store application, I stumbled upon unexpected error while trying to run it. Message was quite generic "This application could not be started. Do you want to view information about this issue?" and application would stay stuck on the startup screen.

Details were not much better. It was essentially the same error message: "Unable to activate Windows Store app '47887JosipMedved.Resistance_805v042353108!App'. The Resistance.exe process started, but the activation request failed with error 'The app didn't start'." As error messages go, pretty much useless.

I was thinking that I broke something with changes so I reverted to my last known good configuration - one that is actually currently deployed in the Store. Still the same error.

It took me a while to notice that, once project is copied to the other drive, everything would work properly. A bit of back and forth and I believe I found the issue.

I keep all my projects stored on a virtual disk. While everything else treats that disk as a real physical thing, Visual Studio sees the difference but only when dealing with Windows Store applications. It just wouldn't work.

As you can guess it, solution was to copy project on a physical drive and work from there. Easy as solutions go but definitely leaves the bitter taste. Lot of wasted time simply because of a lousily written error message. A bit more clarity next time?

One thought to “Windows Store App Doesn’t Start on Virtual Drive”

  1. I am also a user of Ram Disk ( ImDisk : ).
    I have long used this RamDisk( D: drive in my PC) as Windows Store App project folder with Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows.
    And then, almost for a year I haven’t used VS 2013.
    Recently I have opened VS2013 and then I have upgraded VS2013 to Update 5.
    And then I have exactly the same error message of your article.
    I have found in my computer that
    In RamDisk I have above error message
    and in other drives Windows Store app launches successfully.

    Conclusion : You cannot use Windows Store App in Ram Disk
    ( Or maybe there is another solution that I don’t know )

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