In the Year 2013

As always, first post of a year is reserved for a bit of statistics.

This year I have slowed-down posting a bit with only 74 posts since January. As usual 40% of posts is programming related, followed by 25% of Windows posts. Rest is such a mishmash of everything that I wont even go into analyzing it.

Traffic-wise it was a fantastic year - another 25% increase is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately huge 66% of traffic comes from places unknown so it is really doubtful whether it is even worth tracking this. Assuming same distribution of unknown locations as ones that were recognized, USA leads with 60% of visits. After that there is 20% visits from Germany and 15% from India. Other 216 countries cover the rest.

Google Chrome leads the pack with 40% visitors. Next one is Internet Explorer with 25% followed closely by Firefox. All other browsers are in traces. Mostly users came with desktop browsers (more than 95%).

Vast majority of search traffic to blog came in search for Windows 8.1 product key, probably because of my Installing Windows 8.1 (or 8) without a product key post. Another huge chunk were ones searching for VHD Attach and MagiWOL.

Pingdom claims 99.93% uptime (6h down) which is definitely helped by CloudFlare. While free CloudFlare account is not a perfect solution, it is definitely helping with site's speed. For next year I will need to think of some other improvements.

And that's all folks!

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