BitLocker on Asus N56VJ

I am a big fan of full disk encryption. It is more of a political issue for me than security one. While I probably have no data that other would find worth stealing a laptop for, I value my privacy and I don't want just anybody snooping around. And anyway, full disk encryption is always a good policy when having company's data around. I don't want to be one to leek company's private info just because I read it on my personal laptop.

On my Asus N56VJ this proved slightly more difficult than expected. As soon as I would enable bit locker, Windows would go into Recovery and stayed there. Result was unusable system. After fiddling with Windows and BIOS options, I have found problem. Asus' quick BIOS initialization left computer in an unhappy state that didn't properly initialize USB drives.

Solution was just going to BIOS and changing Fast Boot to Disabled (together with already Enabled Legacy USB Support).

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