OS X Trash

OS X trash folderAs a developer I find it useful to show hidden files. And every time I borrow my USB to someone with OS X I find two new hidden folders: .Trashes and .Spotlight-V100. While these folders are important for OS X functioning (equivalents of Recycle bin and File Indexer) they are very annoying to see on USB. Only if there was a way to these folders more hidden...

Well, you can always set system attribute. While Windows don't allow you to manage it through interface, this attribute is nothing special. Once you go to Command prompt, commands are really easy (assuming G: drive):

ATTRIB +s +h .Spotlight-V100
ATTRIB +s +h .Trashes

Yes, folders will still be there but far from an eye. :)

P.S.: Just deleting these folders will not really work. They just re-appear next time USB goes to visit OS X.

P.P.S.: This "fix" will not work if you uncheck Hide protected operating system files option.

P.P.P.S.: And shame you OS X for not setting this attribute yourself.

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