Java UAC promptEvery restart I get familiar UAC prompt. And it is not a Microsoft's fault for once. No, this is torture by Oracle (TM).

Java updater is a perfect example of how things SHOULD NOT be done. For start we have uploader that requires account elevation for simple task of downloading newest update. All other programs can do the same with lowly user credentials.

Things get even worse if you are actually using Java while update is being done. As it is usual with installers, this one will require restart. But only to start whole process from scratch instead of completing it. If you have Java program starting with system, whole thing turns into exercise of futility.

Just to remind you that morons are all around, this thing will also pop up after restart even if there is no update pending. It would be shame to skip annoying user. Solution is simple.

Just disable this idiotic thing.

Not Java mind you. Java is nice programming language that is still not completely ruined by Oracle. Just kill updater. Security wise this is not smartest thing you can do. But you know what? I don't care. It is only decision that sane person can make after being subjected to this.

PS: And don't let me get started about Oracle's practice of installing junk (yes, Ask toolbar, you are junk) with its runtime.

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