QText 3.40

Biggest improvement in QText 3.40 comes in area of printing. Code that traces its origins probably from very first (text-only) version of QText was finally adjusted to properly support Rich Text Format.

With ever increasing number of folders there was need for some sort of navigation helper. Pressing Ctrl+G will enable you to quickly search documents by name. That should make searching for particular document among folders a breeze.

Those using QText for journal will be happy to know that Alt+Shift+D and Alt+Shift+T are finally supported. Upon press you will get current date and time inserted into a document.

In addition to general bug-fixing that was done I think that everyone should have a reason or two for upgrade.

One thought to “QText 3.40”

  1. I am getting a good laugh here, it has been a while since I have checked for an upgrade and I just sent you a bug report compllimenting QText and mentioning some hopeful advancements in it. When I sent the report it offered me the upgrade and subsequently I find you have a web page and more. I somehow missed this before. Anyway, I am glad you are still keeping up the good work with QTEXT.

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