In the Year 2012

As year is now over, it is good time to pull out some statistics.

There was total of 117 new posts last year. Programming was biggest category with 35% and program update posts came second with 15%. Everything else was mishmash of various topic.

Traffic-wise I did good since number of visits almost doubled as did number of page views. Readers came mostly from US (24%) and Germany (10%). Since more than 60% of visitors actually don't disclose location I can only assume that they follow same distribution.

A bit over 50% of visitors came looking for programs I have on site, VHD Attach and MagiWOL being most popular. Windows 8 proved to be quite a popular topic with something like 20% of visits. Unfortunately this is not because of their popularity but mostly because people were looking at troubleshooting posts.

Uptime this year was 99.87% as calculated by PingDom. How close this number is to reality I cannot be bothered to check. It does sound plausible in any case. And who can prove me wrong anyhow?

I just hope that 2013 will be even better.

3 thoughts to “In the Year 2012”

  1. Happy New Year Medo. This is my vote from Germany.


    Dantcho Grigorov

  2. There is a good chance 2013 gets much better if only people see what we have in common. Looking for good company. I appreciate the work and blogs you share. Thanks! Wishing you for 2013 even more visitors and grand ideas no matter the arena you’re working. – Frohes Neues Jahr – from Germany

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