Avoiding Windows Update

Windows 7 Shut down buttonWork day is over. You pack your things and you shut down your laptop. And then Windows update kicks in and tells you not to turn off your computer until it is done. Congratulations, you have just wasted a ten minutes waiting for computer.

This annoyance is usually avoided by putting your computer to sleep instead of shutting it down. But that option is not a valid one for those with dual boot. At one point or another you will have to go through shut down procedure.

If you have a laptop (or UPS) there is a trick that you can pull. Just unplug your laptop from power. Windows will detect that it is running on battery power and it will not apply updates during that shut down. You've got quick shut down and update will wait for whenever you actually want it.

5 thoughts to “Avoiding Windows Update”

  1. Nice one. I hate it when I’m done with work and have to wait for updates to finish, because no matter how small or big the update, every minute longer in the office leaves you vulnerable to last minute meeting :)
    Unfortunately my laptop battery is dead, so unplugging it before shutdown would indeed make shutdown quick, but not very clean….
    I’ll hit shutdown and go hide in the toilet

      1. maybe 30kg ago I was a professional too, now I don’t fit under the desk anymore… :(
        even the ads on this page know that, I’m seeing “FEATURED FITNESS STORY” ad (at least I’m not getting Viagra offerings)

  2. There is another way. Go to start and choose log off instead shutdown, then on shutdown button you could make shutdown without update.

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