I am always happy when someone chooses to distribute my software. If nothing else they often host software install themselfs and thus they lower load on my own server. Everybody wins. Usually.

Bastards at IrcFast (no, I will not include their link) decided to bundle VHD Attach with Babylon toolbar and something called Coupish. I view both those packages as borderline spyware. And I would never bundle my program with them. If you install VHD Attach and you are not careful, you will soon be looking for removal procedure. Let's just get it in clear: THIS IS NOT ENDORSED NOR BUNDLED BY ME.

Are they doing anything illegal? No, license I selected is quite permissive and it does allow for almost anything. As long as software is intact anyone can bundle it as much as they want. And even if I had it under any other license I am not sure it would matter. Those idiots would bundle it anyhow.

I can only do one thing. I can warn everybody to stay clear of this site.

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