Fingerprint Logon in Windows 8

As I installed Windows 8 I was very happy to see that my Authentec AES2810 fingerprint reader got installed by default.

My happiness didn't last too long. As I went to record my fingerprints I was greeted with "The selected fingerprint reader has no management application installed". In Windows 7 that application got installed via Windows Update alongside reader's driver. In Windows 8 they decided driver alone is enough. Which idiot arrived to that conclusion is left for discussion. In any case, my fingerprint reader was useless.

If everything else fails, go to manufacturer - AuthenTec was kind enough to offer their Protector Suite 2012 for download. Installing it allowed me to use fingerprints once more. It is not ideal situation since that program is limited version (unless you upgrade) and it includes way more than one needs for simple logon. But it does work.

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  1. Do you have any idea how to get a Validity Fingerprint reader built in HP ProBook 4530s to work with Windows 8? The driver wasn’t even installed by default…

    1. I have the exact same problem, so far I was only able to install SimplePass 2012 and get it to work with desktop Apps, but not support for windows login :|

    2. I tried to install Validity Fingerprint driver and Hp protect tools. However it doesn’t work on login. I am not able to see login screen, because screen starts to blink and basically nothing works then. Only solution is to restore windows to a previous restore point or reinstall etc. I guess there is no support for it till now.

      1. had the exact same problem Gocool. If you find some solution, please let me know.

    3. I don’t know if you have sorted this by now, but thought I would post anyway as the finger print scanner in my ProBook 4530s never worked on windows 8. I finally managed to get it fully operational. Short answer, install the Windows 8 Validity Sensor Driver (sp59624) from the 4530s Windows 8 Page. Now all you need is the software (Security Manager) to make it work. Install the Windows 8 Security Manager for the HP EliteBook 2170p Notebook PC (sp60214). The two work seamlessly together and allow the laptop to use fingerprint reader for IE, Logon and even BIOS Verification! Problem Solved!

      For those who want to know I got to this conclusion. I installed the HP Softpaq Download manager. It installed the Fingerprint Driver Only. I right clicked on that driver and hit view release notes. This bought up all the information for that specific piece of hardware and furthermore, what other machines it is in. The first one on the list was the EliteBook 2170p and was release with windows 8 on :) Hey Presto! It may help knowing that solution for other times HP overlook their windows 8 Drivers! Hope this helps someone,

      Cheers, Paul

    1. If your security model consists of only Widows password, you are doing it wrong regardless of anything else. There are so many ways around logon that this breach is probably not even the easiest one…

      Password (and figerprint logon) is just there to stop anyone simply snooping around. If they have access to your machine for prolonged time, you might as well not set password at all. :)

  2. I have an HP dv7t-6c00 with a validity sensor, I don’t know the exact model. When I installed windows 8, almost everything automatically had drivers installed and working fine except the scanner which showed up as an unknown device. I wasn’t sure what it was so I had to do a device ID lookup. Anyway, after realizing it was the fingerprint scanner I downloaded the driver from HP’s website and used the one for window 7-64 bit. The device now showed up under biometrics devices, however still didn’t have software to use it with windows. So, I downloaded the simplepass software solution again for windows 7-64 bit. And, viola, simplepass popped up this time when I clicked on use with windows under biometrics devices. On log on I didn’t see any option to use the scanner for logon, but when I scanned the finger it just worked and I was able to logon. Hope this is helpful to someone else looking for info.

  3. Thank you! I had Protector Suite 2009 and it would throw pop up errors all the time. This works great with no errors. Thanks dude

  4. I have the same bio-metric device, HP laptop, but when I installed Protector Suite, the device is showing in device manager but not in bio-metric devices in control panel and can’t be detected by the protector suite itself, any ideas

    1. Of course they can. All that is needed is one sharp knife and, voila, he has your fingerprints…

      PS: On serious note, no one can steal your fingerprints remotely because they are not stored as images but are heavily processed before fingerprint software gets to them. It is easier by far for hacker to use unpatched OS or some other program to gain access to your machine.

      Fingerprint logon is not inherently safer than password. It is just different.

      PPS: Yes, fingerprint software can (and did) have bugs but hackers rarely target it specifically. Usually there is more than enough other security holes for their access.

  5. can you send me a copy of protector suite 2012 the authentic site is gone and now my eikon finger print reader wont work.

  6. I have a copy of protector suite 2012 AND the file that enables the upgrade to full capability. If someone wants to post it for download, contact me.

    My problem is that I needed to uninstall it and reiinstall in Win 8.1. When I try to reinstall, it tells me that I need to enable Windows Biometric Framework, and I cannot figure out how to do so> Anny chance someone has a solution for it? rrh

  7. I am also looking for a copy of protector suite 2012. I upgraded to W8 after the Authentec site went down. Anyone able to help?

  8. i cant remember setting my windows 8 laptop to be open with my fingerprint but now it requires to be open with my fingerprint. please what should i do?

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